Chinese New Year 2017 - 12 months of the Rooster

brimbank mayor Siu is that the Chinese stick to the lunar calendar and New Year is on the 1st new moon of the 12 months which in 2017 is the twenty eighth January.

The Chinese zodiac has twelve-12 months cycles, each and every "characterised" by a certain animal, and this year will be the turn of the Rooster. Additionally, the Chinese think that each zodiac year correlates with 1 of five elements: Gold, Wood, H2o, Fire or Earth. If you are good with mathematics you can calculate that for case in point the Hearth Rooster will come when every single sixty a long time!

Some folks, which includes me, are baffled why Chinese New Year is referred to as the Spring Competition. It is nothing to do with spring if you celebrate it in the initial and coldest month of the yr - January! But then the Chinese think the end of coldest element of the calendar year is powering them and they can start searching ahead to the commencing of spring. I consider this view will come from the villages when impatient farmers could not hold out to get back in their fields and commence doing work on their crops. Celebrating the Spring Pageant in January gives them encouragement and hope that the long, chilly winter times are drawing to an stop.

The end of the Chinese New Calendar year is marked by the Lantern Competition which is 14 times from the Chinese New Calendar year itself and so this calendar year will tumble on the eleventh February 2017. This working day in China is equivalent to Valentine's Day way too.

The Chinese are very superstitious and listed here are a handful of factors you should not do for the duration of Chinese New Year:

Do not clean your hair or clothing - you may wash away great luck
Do not try to eat porridge as it may possibly carry poverty
Do not get any prescription drugs or go to hospitals - it my bring sick well being throughout the yr
The rice jar must be complete to symbolise prosperity
Do not use black or white as these colors symbolize mortality
Do not steal, borrow cash or destroy
Instead of all the over you should do the pursuing:
Give pink envelopes stuffed with money, but steer clear of amounts such as forty yuan or four hundred yuan.The quantity '4' in Chinese sounds like 'death'.
If achievable place crisp, new banknotes inside of. Supplying creased banknotes is in bad flavor.
Try to eat fish, dumplings, rice cakes for prosperity and prosperity, and never forget to take in Longevity noodles!
Hang red lanterns todrive away undesirable luck.
Paste slogans on your door this sort of as Ideal Needs for the Coming 12 months
See the previous year out and the new one particular in by placing off firecrackers. The custom is to established off tiny kinds very first to see the old year out then the big types for the new yr - the louder the noise the better the 12 months will be.

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